Ex-Top Cop is Acquitted; Takes Over Club

Four months after being arrested and charged with assault and battery, a local former police chief is a free man. “The judge said, ‘I’ve heard enough. Chief Yates I find you not guilty on both counts.’ My name is clear,” said Yates. Winnsboro’s Department of Public Safety former chief, Wayne Yates, was acquitted Tuesday in a Fairfield County court. The ex-cop says he is not only looking forward to possibly returning to law enforcement, but also taking back more than just his name. In a strange twist of irony, Yates, adds the name ‘Chief’s Place’ to the marquis at Bubba’s Club in Winnsboro. It is the same private club where, back in October, Yates was involved in a bar fight and eventually charged with two counts of assault and battery. His name in the clear, Yates now owns and manages the club, he claims was on the decline. He says it had become known for drugs and other crimes. He is already making changes. “There’s dealing on the outside, on the inside. I have stopped that on the inside. I have spoken with the sheriff to help me stop it on the outside. No bad behavior, no loud, boisterous talk. I have done extra lighting and stuff on the outside.” Yates wants to re-establish the establishment as a place of community and at the same time, keep his options open. “I’m gonna manage this for a while and see if the opportunity comes to get back into law enforcement I would love to.” Monique Williams reports. To see the complete story, click on the video Player icon under the news section.