Sanford Divorce: Court of Public Opinion

Since South Carolina’s First Lady has had her day in court, many say it is also time for the court of public opinion to close the case. Keisha Montgomery says if she saw First Lady Jenny Sanford, she would have to look twice to even recognize her. That is how much the divorced mother of one has not followed the first lady’s divorce from husband, Governor Mark Sanford. “I think the quicker we move on pass their personal drama, the quicker they can move on,” said Montgomery. From the barbershop, to the college frat house, to the assisted living facility, everyone has an opinion on the Sanfords’ split. Business owner Darrell Goodwin and retiree Roberta Horne both agree with Jenny Sanford’s decision to leave her husband after he admitted to cheating on her. “If he’s not happy with her, it will make the whole family unhappy,” said Goodwin. “Had he done to me what it appears he did to his wife, I probably would’ve done the same thing,” said Horne. Meanwhile, college student Sean Coyle is concerned about the possible impact on the couple’s four boys. “How are they supposed to look at their father as a man now after running away, sending freaky-deaky emails?” According to Keisha Montgomery, the only emails anyone should read from now on are their own. “I hope everyone moves on.” Monique Williams reports. To see the complete story, click on the Video Player icon under the News section.