Employers affected by new law in effect

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — A new law that’s taking effect in South Carolina will affect the way employers will have to respond to Unemployment Insurance claims.

A spokesperson with the Department of Employment and Workforce says employers are now required to respond within ten calendar days to the Department’s request for information on whether an employee quit, was laid off, fired for cause, or retired.

Depending on the response, employers affect the way a person will receive unemployment benefits, and it affects whether the company will be charged an unemployment insurance tax.

“This change from 12 business days to 10 calendar days will help minimize the burden on claimants waiting for a determination on benefits and should give employers enough time to report,” said DEW’s Executive Director John Finan. “In order to ensure that only claimants who meet eligibility requirements receive benefits, employers must respond and respond on time or their unemployment accounts could be charged.”

For more information on this change, click here to visit the Department of Employment and Workforce’s website.