Bill to Keep Moore on Board Dead

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — Last week philanthropist and University of South Carolina alum, Darla Moore, made it clear when she addressed some 400 students at USC and told them she is prepared to move on without her seat on the school’s board of trustees. However, that wasn’t enough for many outraged voters or their elected officials.

Republican Senator Jake Knotts from Lexington, for example, recently introduced a bill that would create a new seat on the board, where anyone could apply, mainly big-tim donor Darla Moore.

This, after Moore, for whom USC’s School of Business is named, was abruptly removed from the trustee board by Gov. Nikki Haley and replaced with a lawyer and Haley campaign contributor.

“I wanted to provide a way for the governor to correct a problem she created and then she would’ve had a way out to do it with dignity,” said Knotts.

But Darla Moore opposes the bill, as she told Senate Education Committee Chair, John Courson.

“She is absolutely not interested in this.  She is opposed because she doesn’t think we need to created another seat.  Increasing the number of trustees on the board would be too many.”

Despite calls Senator Knotts says he received from outraged constituents, and despite incensed students, faculty and staff calling for the governor to reinstate Moore, the decision to remove her stands. The proposed bill to get her back doesn’t.

“For all practical purposes, [the bill] is dead.”