USC Player Quotes

COLUMBIA, S.C. (USC SID)– USC players still reveling in the first win of the season, but also taking time to reflect. Marcus Lattimore On fumbling the ball on the first play: “After that first play, it wasn’t a good play, and I hated that happening, but I just had to forget about it. After a few runs, I started to feel like myself again.” On Vanderbilt’s defense: “Coming into the game, I knew they were going to be tough. D-line is always going to give 100% on every play, linebackers were good. I knew coming into the game how good they were going to be and they lived up to their hype. It’s a great team that’s going to have a great year.” Connor Shaw On how he was able to come back in the game after injuring his shoulder: “They gave me some medicine. I got a ball and just started working out, I didn’t want it to get stiff on me. It was painful, but I got through it.” On Marcus Lattimore’s return from injury: “It’s so nice. I knew that he was going to be able to come out here and pick up where he left off. He had a great game tonight.” On the win: “It wasn’t too pretty, but we’ll take the win, especially against Vanderbilt in this place.”

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