Donald Koger, a veteran of Operation New Dawn in Iraq, will be signing copies of his new book, The Corrupter, at Books on Broad in Camden, South Carolina, on January 12th from 2PM-4PM. This is the first installment of his Lamia Venator series. Written during his deployment in Iraq, Koger has set The Corrupter in ancient Rome and depicts in striking detail the rebellion of warrior women who have metamorphosed into monsters due to personal betrayals by those they loved and trusted. As a result, their very essence has been corrupted, turning them into nightmarish demons that Koger describes with cinema-like intensity. The drama builds as the ghoulish invaders make their way towards Rome. Emperor Nero heroically tries to save his subjects, in an interesting reversal of tradition since Koger herein justifies Nero’s real-life insanity as a reaction to this corruption… the events of which have been forgotten through time. As such, Mr. Koger has rewritten Nero‘s story in a fascinating, yet realistic way, turning an already intriguing character into a transcendent figure that is much more than a two-dimensional villain. The Corrupter is also available on Amazon, where it has received several 5-star reviews. Additional details regarding the book signing may be found on