Lexington Communitywide Health Fair

Within the Lexington South Carolina community, there is a population of people with limited access to health care resources. The churches of Lexington Presbyterian, Springhill AME, Mt Olive CME, St Paul Missionary Baptist, Mt Horeb and New Bethel AME through their health ministries have recognized the need for health education in the Lexington community particularly for the communities to whom we serve due to our locations in Lexington. With that commonality, the churches have planned for a communitywide health fair where participants from the Lexington community can gain access to services and information for all aspects of health and safety while having fun. The fair is scheduled for March 7, 2015 from 9am to 1pm at the Rosenwald Community Learning Center located at 420 Hendrix Street. The goal of the health fair is to promote the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual health of the people in Lexington through testing, screening and educational opportunities. Each participant would take with them results of screenings provided as well as information regarding health and safety opportunities and resources within the local area. The activities would include such things as vision, hearing, dental, diabetes, prostate cancer, blood pressure screenings, and a variety of community resources, games and food. We hope to have 200-300 people to attend.