Future Present-An Indie Grits Exhibition

The 2015 Indie Grits Festival is guaranteed to put a spark within the 1500 and 1600 blocks of Main Street! The art opening kicks off at Tapp’s and then moves all over the 1500 and 1600 blocks of Main Street! Come and join us Thursday night as we celebrate Future Perfect and our first full-fledged art program at Indie Grits. Indie Grits has invited and commissioned over 20 artists to the festival from across the Southeast region and beyond. This is the night that they will be hanging out with their work prepared to speak about their intentions and process, answering questions, performing their pieces, and well….just having a good time. Tapp’s will feature the following artists: Seth Curcio Stephanie Dowda Gabrielle Duggan, resident artist Ron Hagell Hollis Hammonds, resident artist Roni Nicole Henderson & Cedric Umoja Julie Henson The Institute for Wishful Thinking, resident artist collective Trek Matthews, mural artist in residence Evan Meaney Paperhand Puppet Intervention, resident artist sleeper, resident artist Meg Stein, resident artist Benjamin Tiven Barry Wheeler Antoine Williams, resident artist Vistovka Transporte