Flint Water Crisis: Investigation Will Be ‘Exhaustive, Independent’ Says Attorney General

(ABC News) — Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced two new leaders of the investigation into the ongoing Flint water crisis.

Schuette named “tough” former Wayne County prosecutor Todd Flood as the special counsel of the investigation and “no nonsense” retired Detroit FBI chief Andrew Arena as another member of the team.

Schuette’s office is investigating whether any state laws were violated in the delivery of contaminated water to Flint, Michigan, residents. Extremely high levels of lead have been found in the city’s water supply, forcing residents to drink, bathe and cook with bottled water.

“The tragedy of Flint is a tragedy of immense proportions,” Schuette said this morning. “This investigation will be thorough, exhaustive and independent.”

Earlier this month, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency for the county surrounding Flint due to the health and safety concerns surrounding the water supply.

“Things went so terribly wrong. I think what happened is that confidence in government was shattered, and I understand that,” Schuette said.

“You don’t rebuild regain and restore trust overnight, it takes time,” he continued.

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