Crane Collapses in New York City, Killing 1

(ABC News) — At least one fatality has been confirmed after a construction crane fell in downtown Manhattan this morning.

Images of the crane, which fell around 8:25 a.m., show the crane lying on top of parked cars in the street.

It is still unclear if people were in the cars or if there were any additional injuries.

The New York Fire Department confirmed the fatality but did not release any further details.

The Associated Press is reporting that the FDNY is treating two people at the scene of the crash, which happened on Worth Street in Tribeca.

Former FDNY commissioner Thomas Von Essen told ABC owned station WABC that it is “too soon” to tell what caused the crash. “It could have been a mistake. It could have been a malfunction in the equipment,” Von Essen told WABC.

The images of the scene “make you think it’s twisted. It’s a whole block long. It was a very big crane so it’s easy for things to go wrong,” he said.

Photo: csess75/Twitter

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