California Dad Beatboxes to Get Daughter to Crawl

(ABC News) — A California dad got his 10-month-old daughter to crawl the length of the family’s living room by dropping some serious beatbox beats.

Aaron White, a Los Angeles-based poet, said he noticed his 10-month-old daughter, Claile, starting to move herself and got on the ground himself to show his daughter first-hand how to crawl.

But instead of just crawling along next to her, White began to beatbox, rapping “let’s crawl” to move Claile along.

“What keeps her very happy and in-tune is when I beatbox or make a song out of something,” White told ABC News. “It started back with just changing her diapers because she’d be calm and smile.”

“I just got down in her world and just came up with that song on the spot,” White said of his rap. “She was kind of responsive until I started getting more and more into it and before I knew it we’d covered the whole living room.”

White sent the video to his wife, Viergeni, at work and she got such a kick out of it she told White to post it on Facebook and YouTube.

The YouTube video, which White titled “’Let’s Crawl’ Teaching my young princess how to crawl,” has been viewed more than 10,000 times.

“Her look was, ‘Daddy this is crazy, but I love you,’” White said. “That’s why really I think people connected with her, because that was conveyed so clearly.”

Photo: Aaron Smith

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