Myrtle Beach Officials Optimistic About Bikefest


Beach Biker Rally

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) _ Myrtle Beach officials say the low turnout at planning meetings for Memorial Day Bikefest may be a good thing.

The Sun News reports that Myrtle Beach police have been holding weekly meetings laying out Bikefest plans for area businesses. A group of about 10 people met last week, and Friday attendance was even lower. City officials say the low turnout is good, since last year’s advance Bikefest meetings attracted concerned business owners and representatives.

During the 2014 Bikefest, three people were killed in eight separate shootings. There were no shooting deaths during the 2015 event.

Officials say they still want to make improvements to this year’s festival. Plans include increasing officer visibility and launching an interactive map to help attendees get around.

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