Teenager Spotted on Camera Running From Attempted Kidnapper

(ABC News) — A 13-year-old girl was caught on surveillance camera running away from a man who allegedly tried to abduct her, police say.

The incident happened in Pompano Beach, Florida. The video shows the teenager running down the sidewalk, with the alleged kidnapper driving an SUV behind her.

Manhunt for Man Who Allegedly Tried to Kidnap Florida Teen

Broward Sheriff’s Office police say the man drove up to the girl and asked if she was walking home. The girl allegedly ignored him. Police say the man then jumped out of the car and grabbed the girl by wrist. The young girl pushed back, screaming and running away, according to police.

Police say the incident is “very troubling.”

Experts say the girl did exactly the right thing by screaming and running away.

“The kicking, screaming, yelling, anything that she can do to draw attention to that situation so she can get away…this girl saved her own life,” said Callahan Walsh, a child advocate for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

In 2013, an 8-year-old girl bit her would-be kidnapper and got away. Grainy surveillance footage shows her running to get her parents.

Last year, a teenager in Connecticut accepted a ride from a stranger and later jumped out of the moving car, landing on the side of the road.

Experts are telling parents to teach their kids how to be street smart: use the buddy system; walk home with a friend; say “NO” to strangers; and always tell a trusted adult about any unusual or threatening encounters.

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