Brooklyn Pizzeria Creates Edible Delivery Box

One Brooklyn pizza parlor is making delivery a whole lot tastier.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria, located in Brooklyn, New York, is the home of the wildly popular “Pizza Box Pizza,” which, as the title suggests, replaces the traditional cardboard delivery box with an actual pizza.

Partners Jacob Petrera, Sean Berthiaume and Henrik Toncic, who have run Vinnie’s since 2007, spoke with ABC news about how their crazy creation came to be.

Petrera revealed that the idea for the pizza boxes started out as a joke. The owners kept noticing cardboard boxes out on the street, and began to brainstorm ways to reduce waste at their pizzeria.

Petrera credits Berthiaume for coming up with the winning idea.

“He was like, let’s just make the box out of pizza,” Petrera said. “It’s all him, he’s the man.”
After debuting their Pizza Box Pizza on Twitter last week, customers have flocked to the store to try out the creative invention. For customers who want to take the pizza to-go, the entire pizza is wrapped in foil.

“We’re selling out every day,” Petrera said.

Berthiaume explained that his team often comes up with inventive ideas for new recipes, such as their hit from last year, the “Pizza on Pizza Slice,” which is a pizza covered with mini pizzas.

“We still make a lot of those for people today,” Berthiaume said. “We pride ourselves on not being the run of the mill pizzeria.”

As for the Pizza Box Pizza, Petrera said they’ll keeping making them “until the demand is gone.”