Best Fourth of July Shopping Deals, Plus What You Shouldn’t Buy This Weekend

The Fourth of July holiday is a time for barbecues, trips to the beach, fireworks displays and shopping.

Here are some of the best deals shoppers can expect this weekend — and tips about what you should not buy.

For the Outdoors

As summer progresses you start to see incrementally better deals on summer-themed items, so let’s start with patio furniture.

Hammocks: is offering this hammock with stand for $235 with free shipping. It’s the best deal online by about $50.

If you don’t need the stand, this one for $54 is best price by $25.

Barbecue grill: After you nap in that hammock you’ll need to make dinner, and barbecues also get less expensive as the summer goes on. This gas grill from Home Depot is $149. That’s the best price on this model I could find online by $50.

Air Conditioning

It’s summer, and if you’ve tried to make it through without an A/C but changed your mind,Walmart is offering this Haier model at $112. It’s the best price by $25 that we could find.

Coats (Yes, really)

Every major holiday weekend has become a clothing sale event, so check your favorite brands for shorts or swimsuits, but here’s a pro-tip: Don’t think summer clothes. This is the best time of the year to buy winter coats!

JCPenney has coats for up to 80 percent, so this pea coat that was originally $200 is $39 dollars. Another $10 off with a code and it’s $29, same price as this three-in-one technical jacket.

What Not to Buy

The good folks at — it’s like my Bible for savings — crunched the numbers and say you shouldn’t buy laptops now. They get 25 percent cheaper in August with the back-to-school season ramping up.

Tech items and TVs are generally not good buys this weekend. Don’t forget that Amazon’s Prime Day sale is coming up on July 15th, so if you have a specific item in mind watch it on Amazon and competitors who might price match.

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