‘If We Don’t Come Together, They’re Going to Break Us All Apart:’ Girlfriend of Minnesota Man Killed by Police Says

The Minnesota woman who filmed the immediate aftermath of her boyfriend’s shooting by police in a viral video that sparked nationwide protests this week had a message for the nation as she broke down when ABC News asked her about the shootings in Dallas.

“It hurts me what’s going on in Dallas,” Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of Philando Castile, tearfully told ABC News. “Nobody should have to be taken away from their families.”

Reynolds and her young daughter witnessed police fatally shooting Castile during a traffic stop for a broken taillight.

Reynolds filmed the aftermath in a Facebook Live video that caused national grief and outrage. It was at a protest in Dallas against police brutality on Thursday night, held in response to the killing of Castile and to another police-involved killing in Louisiana this week, that snipers opened fire, killing five law enforcement officials and injuring seven others.

In an emotional interview with ABC News, Reynolds expressed her empathy for the people in Dallas, “My deepest, deepest condolences go out to those families and to those officers in Dallas because, I’m here in Minnesota and I’m mourning for the loss and the loved one of my family members. So I know that those people in Dallas are hurting behind their lost ones and their loved ones also.”

“But this is not because of us America,” Reynolds added, “This is because of them.”

“We are all grieving, we are all mourning, we are all battling this together, and if we don’t come together they’re going to break us all apart. We are the people. Justice for Philando,” Reynolds concluded.

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