Watch: Dallas Shooting Investigation New Details

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(Dallas, TX) ABC NEWS– Police in Dallas are trying to piece together what happened in the deadly attack on police officers there last week — downloading and poring over 170 hours of video and trying to get to the bottom of initials R.B. scrawled by suspected gunman Micah Johnson in two locations during his final hours, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said this morning.

“We don’t know the scope of his plans yet,” Brown said.

“We’re going to follow every lead until it’s exhausted, until I’m satisfied this was the lone person,” he said. “I may be overly concerned about this, but I’m highly protective of cops, and I want to make sure there’s nobody else out there that has something to do with this.”

Brown said he and his family received death threats almost immediately after the Thursday night attack, which left five officers dead and 11 other people injured.
Kenneth Moton reports from Dallas.

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