Buzz Builds Ahead of Apple Event

Expectations were running high ahead of Apple event Wednesday, but there were few hints as to what to expect.

The only thing Apple has said is that it is holding a “special event” in San Francisco.

However, in recent weeks the internet has been alight with speculation around what potential new products and features the tech company might announce.

These predictions are notoriously fickle, but an expert Apple watcher has broken down which ones appear to be on the most solid ground.

The big products to watch are iPhone and Apple Watch, said Neil Cybart, who runs, a site that provides analysis of Apple.

“We’re going to get two new iPhones,” Cybart said, predicting they would be the same size and look very similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — though, they may be available in more colors.

However, under the hood, Cybart predicted the new models, if they are announced, would pack a bigger punch with better cameras, faster processors, and increased storage. They may also be more water resistant or even waterproof, he predicted.

The other big development — and perhaps the most controversial — is the potential loss of the headphone jack on the iPhone, which has been widely rumored.

Cybart said he thinks “Apple is going to introduce new solutions,” which he said could include “a new pair of wireless AirPods,” the potential of wired headphones that use the charging point to connect, as well as potential upgrades to its Beats line of headphones.

He said the industry will be keen to see what Apple does in the wireless headphone space, which has traditionally been plagued by troublesome connectivity and battery issues.

Cybart also predicted big news about the Apple Watch, including the first update since its launch in 2014.

He said that there are four areas where he expects the Apple Watch will be updated: the addition of a GPS, a faster processor, better battery life and a slightly different form-factor. Though, he predicted that “it’s going to look similar” to the current model.

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