Local Waffle House Customer “Overwhelmed” by Viral Response

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- West Columbia flooring installer Alex Bowen said he never expected his early morning Waffle House adventure to go viral.

“I expected I would share it on Facebook, a couple of my friends would see it, like it, comment on it and it would pass into history as most things I have done have,” said Bowen.

The thousands of shares and hundreds of news articles come after Bowen visited the Waffle House on Platt Springs road in West Columbia around 3 a.m. last Thursday.

“I got there and expected to be greeted by a smiling Waffle House employee, instead, I was greeted by nobody,” said Bowen.

That’s when the army vet took matters into his own hands. “As I was going around the corner, I saw the sleeping employee and they looked tired, they were sleeping, I was like, ‘go ahead and rest fam, I got this,'” said Bowen.

Bowen said the employee stayed asleep as he made his Waffle House favorite, a Texas cheesesteak.

After cooking, Bowen said he cleaned the grill and left. That’s when he went home and wrote the now infamous post.

Though the Waffle House employee was disciplined, everything is good between the restaurant and Bowen.In statement, Waffle House tells ABC Columbia: “We’re glad Alex was able to enjoy his Texas bacon cheesesteak. We’ve apologized to Alex and have invited him back to eat with us. We also promised him we’d do the cooking the next time.”

Bowen said he paid for his meal later that Thursday when alert employees were working. He plans to eat at the restaurant again in the future. “Oh absolutely, Waffle House for life,” said Bowen.


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