SC Native Goes Zero to $50K Real Quick Thanks to Drake

MIAMI, FL (WOLO)- A South Carolina Native got the surprise of a life time when one of her favorite artist surprised her with a $50,000 scholarship.

Denmark native, Destiny James thought she was going to create a video expressing why donors should give to The University of Miami, not knowing that a few feet behind her was hip hop artist Drake.

“Where I come from, a lot of people would say I’m not supposed to be here,” Destiny said. “I come from a low income family, and single parent home. I watched my mom push my brothers and sisters, work hard.”

Her hard work paid off. Destiny says during her freshman year at UM her father died of cancer and she was going through a lot of things emotionally. But with the help of UM staff and her drive to prove her “haters” wrong she pushed through.

Destiny perseverance got ultimately lead up to an unforgettable moment.

“The whole time this man was walking down the staircase behind me, and was like hey Destiny. I screamed! I was running and started crying immediately. I kept saying is it you? He was laughing so hard and said, ‘come on you not even gone give me a hug or shake my hand,’ James said.

Destiny says now her plan is to go to grad school. Once Destiny graduates, she wants to move back to the Low Country and create health resources for people in low income communities.