Trump questions how ‘bad’ alleged attack on Kavanaugh accuser was: ‘Charges would have been immediately filed’

ABC NEWS – President Donald Trump is questioning the account of an alleged sexual assault survivor who has made claims against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, has come forward in recent days saying that Kavanaugh assaulted her while they were in high school. Kavanaugh has denied the accusations and the Senate Judiciary Committee has been grappling with how to handle the accusations in the middle of his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

“I have no doubt that, if the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities by either her or her loving parents. I ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time, and place!” Trump said in a tweet Friday.

Minutes later he tweeted on the topic again, asking why the FBI was not called to investigate the claim when it happened decades ago. Ford was 15 years old at the time of the alleged incident. Kavanaugh was 17.

“The radical left lawyers want the FBI to get involved NOW. Why didn’t someone call the FBI 36 years ago?” Trump said.

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