‘Pulling in the dough’: Sumter truck driver has cargo full of cash after winning the lottery

Robert Miller/SC State Lottery

Sumter truck drivers wins big in the SC State lottery

SUMTER COUNTY, S.C. (WOLO) – A Sumter truck driver has won big in the South Carolina State lottery.

Lottery officials say Robert Miller made a routine truck stop for a quick bite to eat before continuting his route then his life drastically changed.

Thanks to a $Emerald Green 10s scratch off card, he’s  $250,000 richer.

According to a statement from lottery officials Miller called his wife as soon as it happened.  “I couldn’t keep it to myself,” Miller said. “I thought I was going to bust if I didn’t tell someone I’d won.”

The couple says they’ll be debt free by the weekend and are going to buy a house.

“Our dreams have come true,” Miller said.

The odds of winning the game is 1 in 660,000.

For selling the claimed ticket, Enmarket #892 in Harleyville received a commission of $2,500.

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