Host Alicia Keys promises ‘good energy’ at 2019 Grammy Awards

There is a lot to know heading into Sunday.

By Andrea Dresdal via GMA

Fifteen-time Grammy-winner Alicia Keys hosts the Grammy Awards Sunday night — the show’s first female host in 14 years.

At a press conference Thursday, she said she wants to make the artists feel comfortable and not stressed out during the show.

“You come to these things as an artist and you’re juggling so many things and there’s so much pressure on you,” she told reporters. “I would love to just ensure the peace and the good energy in the room, so that we can all feel the true blessing: to be able to have the gift of music as our universal language.”

“This is a real moment,” she added. “I think that the energy you’re gonna feel is gonna be far different than anything you’ve ever felt.”

Keys noted that she’s been working with the producers to “really craft this [telecast] to be very specifically mine.”

She also offered some advice to artists who’ll be performing on the Grammys for the very first time.

“Breathe,” she said, laughing. “Just breathe, and remember to relax … and have an amazing time.”

Ken Ehrlich, the Grammys’ executive producer, told ABC News that the performances by artists making their Grammy debuts — like Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello — could be the best ones of the night.

“First-timers bring an energy,” he said. “It’s the first time they’re performing…and they all wanna bring it.”

Other Grammy performers include Lady Gaga, Diana Ross, Katy Perry and Maren Morris.

Miley Cyrus also teased a Dolly Parton tribute on Thursday.

No Drake, Grande or Lamar
Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande have all turned down the Recording Academy’s request to perform.

Ehrlich told The New York Times that Drake, Lamar and Gambino declined to take part in the awards ceremony. The artists may be protesting the Recording Academy’s perceived disconnect from the hip-hop community, he said.

“The fact of the matter is, we continue to have a problem in the hip-hop world,” Ehrlich said.

He went on, “When they don’t take home the big prize, the regard of the Academy, and what the Grammys represent, continues to be less meaningful to the hip-hop community, which is sad.”

A ‘Grande’ statement
Grande retweeted an Associated Press report in which Ehrlich was quoted as saying that Ariana “felt it was too late for her to pull something together” after “conversations over the past month or so.”

“I’ve kept my mouth shut but now you’re lying about me,” she wrote Thursday.

“I can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken,” she continued. “It was when my creativity & self expression was stifled by you, that I decided not to attend. I hope the show is exactly what you want it to be and more.”

She continued, “I offered 3 different songs. it’s about collaboration. it’s about feeling supported. It’s about art and honesty. not politics. not doing favors or playing games. it’s just a game y’all.. and i’m sorry but that’s not what music is to me.”

She concluded by writing, “Hope that helps everyone understand my decision. i am still grateful for the acknowledgement this year.”

The Grammys airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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