Jeopardy champion wins 14 days in a row and is still going strong

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Burbank, CA. (ABC) — There’s a new champion in town and he doesn’t show signs of slowing any time soon. Las Vegas professional sports gambler, James Holzhouer has appeared on Jeopardy for 13 days in a row. Tuesday April, 23rd, 2019, will be his 14th appearance where he has banked more than 900- thousand dollars.

The gamer even has former Jeopardy contestant, Ken Jennings talking. Jennings was on a winning streak himself back in 2004 with 74 consecutive wins and 2.5 million dollars in winnings. Jennigs posted this message on twitter at the beginning of Holzhouer’s run.



UPDATE: Holzhouer has now apeared on the show 14 times in a row and Tuesday went over the million dollar mark. Holzhouer will appear on the popular trivia game show again Wednesday at 7:30PM (ET) Tune in to ABC Columbia and see what happens.

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