Say cheese … fry! Boy’s reaction to Arby’s breaks the internet.

By Kelly McCarthy via GMA

Food can evoke a spectrum of emotions, but this boy’s show of pure ecstasy as he watched a french fry get dunked into some hot, melty cheese is hands down hilarious.

A curly blonde-haired boy watched as his mom dunked a perfectly seasoned potato spiral into some warm cheese and got very vocal.

“Haha! Oh yeah, mommy!” the child exclaimed, eyes locked on the loaded spud. Of course, his mom, who was filming the video, couldn’t help but laugh at his adorable reaction.

Diane Sarna told ABC News that her son Lorenzo, 2, is “enthusiastic and full of positive energy all the time.”

“This was a very candid moment! I said ‘Hey Lorenzo look at this’ — that was his reaction and I’m so glad I captured it,” she said. “It’s made many people smile which is amazing!”

The video has already been viewed nearly 5 million times on Twitter and garnered nearly 125,000 likes and over 36,000 retweets.

Will that be all today? And one Sprite.

Check out the same child’s amazing reaction in what appears to be another fast-food visit when he took a sip of the sparkling soda.

“I wasn’t too surprised about how viral the video went because I know he is so cute and funny,” Sarna said.

Let’s be real: We are all screaming “Oh yeah” in our heads every time we see curly fries dunked in cheese.

Happy Fry-day.

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