Delta Airline passengers face scare at 39,000 feet

(ABC News) — Frightening moments onboard a Delta Flight at 39,000 feet.

These Delta airline passengers going from Atlantasay Thursday they didn’t know why their jet was suddenly losing altitude. Initially, it was sort of a panic. And there wasn’t really any forewarning. It was really just the oxygen masks dropped down and then the aircraft suddenly plunged.

The terrifying moments sent passengers flocking or their phones to call and text loved ones, saying “I love you.”

In just eight minutes, the jet lost 30,000 feet in altitude, from 39,000 then suddenly another drop  down to 10,000, where the masks are not needed. Passengers say the crew diverted the Boeing 767 to Tampa, where passengers were re-booked or took a bus to Ft. Lauderdale.

ABC’s David Kerley has more on the scare in the sky.

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