Toddler born deaf is overwhelmed hearing parents for the first time

(ABC News) —Meet 3-year-old Q’ela Pierce. Her parents wondered if she would ever be able to hear after she failed a hearing test as a newborn, they fought for years to rescue her hearing.

The toddler has spent the last three years of her life in silence and never heard anything, not even hearing her parents voices. Until now. This image from Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida shows the moment this little girls world changed forever.

Q’ela was playing with her toys, as her father was filming and the doctor asked “which one of you would like to turn it on?” When her cochlear implant is turned on for the first time, you can see  Q’ela stop and touch her head.

First she hears her mother, then her father both leaving her overcome with emotion. The doctor says from her reaction you might think she was in pain, but he says it didn’t hurt she was just overcome with joy to hear the voices of those closest to her.

Q’ela begins crying before her mother, Nikitia kisses her and then they try again, this time allowing her father to say her name. Again, she reaches for her head almost in disbelief. With he hands on her head, She then moves her head to the side as they ask “Hey, you hear it? I know it.”

At that moment she reaches out to both of her parents  who respond with hugs saying, “Yeah, you heard it?” Q’ela’s father says she can hear all of their voices now but she’s still learning. Even starting to recognize sounds from nature. Her father says he hopes other families will be able to experience the same thing and that this will help others in their effort to end silence.

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