ISIS warning to U.S. ‘Do not be too happy, or arrogant’

(ABC News) — On the heels of the release of that dramatic Pentagon video, showing Elite Delta Force commandos taking on fire and responding with an airstike as they surround Al Baghdadi’s compound, then leveling it after he blew himself up, ISIS announcing a new leader, Ibrahim Al Qurayshi. In an audio announcement, the group warning America, saying ,

“Do not be too happy or arrogant,”

Proclaiming they are expanding from East to West. We are as close as any American can get to the area where Baghdadi was killed. We are on the Turkish side of the border, but that is Syria right there, that wall you see, that roadway. And just four miles from here is where the Americans carried out that raid.

The mission conducted after President Trump said he would pull nearly all of the American forces out of Syria. At some point, we have to bring our people back home. And that’s what we’re doing.

Thursday U.S. armored vehicles and American troops were headed into the war-torn country to guard the oil fields. Martha Raddatz  has more from Southern Turkey, not far from the Syrian border, where officials say hundreds of troops are coming to the East and could soon have as many as 7- hundred American Forces staying in Syria.


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