Protect your face during coronavirus with these easy DIY face covers

Medical professionals weigh in about DIY face covers to use during coronavirus.

By Angeline Jane Bernabe and Becky Worley via GMA

As Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Wednesday recommended citizens to wear face coverings while in public amid coronavirus, medical professionals are weighing in about the benefits of wearing them.

“At this point, there really seems to be no question that everybody should be wearing a mask to protect themselves and more importantly, to protect their community,” Jeremy Howard, research scientist at the University of San Francisco said, “when you’re talking bits of saliva come out of your mouth, you don’t even see them.”

While the use of masks becomes the new normal and medical professionals like Howard recommend to use them while in public, the reality is that it is almost impossible to find just one to purchase.

But experts say that you can still protect your face with other types of face covers even if they are non-medical grade. In fact, it’s what officials like Garcetti emphasized.

“Do not take N-95 masks,” said Garcetti during a presser in Los Angeles Wednesday evening. “They are reserved for front line workers.”

“You are not doing surgery at home or during your shopping. So you don’t need these masks,” said Howard. “They are harder to fit. They are less comfortable.”

Instead, a piece of fabric made with cotton or an old sheet would work just fine. Howard also recommended a bandana or a scarf — any material that will allow you to breathe while wearing it. A plus if the material is able to stop liquid.

Here are some tutorials to make a face cover

For the proficient sewer, a basic pattern involves two layers of fabric, 3 folds and elastic to go around the ears. You can either use a sewing machine or hand sew the face cover together — it might just take a little longer. Deaconess Hospital provides instructions on how to make a face covers with ties on their website.

Another tutorial shows that you can forgo sewing by cutting up an old t-shirt together and tying the ends together.

Or if you are in a pinch and sewing is not your thing, a simple bandana with two hair ties works perfectly.

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