Mother and daughter celebrate lottery win


COLUMBIA, SC (PRESS RELEASE) – A Midlands mother and daughter played the Lottery, and luck favored the young.

The daughter scratched off a $125,000 South Carolina Education Lottery win.

Mom’s reaction: “Are you lying?”

It was the first time the pair had bought lottery tickets together. And they both “went into panic mode” said the mom when the daughter won the top prize.

“I was very happy for her,” Mom said a few days after the pair cashed in the six-figure win.

The daughter plans to use the winnings to pay for school, invest, and do something nice for Mom.

“I always look out for Mom,” the daughter said.

Beer and Tobacco Outlet in West Columbia received a commission of $1,250 for selling the claimed ticket.

One top prize of $125,000 remains in the ($5) The Color of Cash game at odds of 1 in 540,000.

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