NY files lawsuit to dissolve NRA

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre says 'we're ready for the fight, bring it '

(ABC NEWS) — New York State suing to break up the NRA. The state attorney general is filing a lawsuit against the powerful gun rights lobbying group.

New York state attorney general Letitia James declaring that the evidence of alleged wrongdoing at the NRA that her office has uncovered shows that the powerhouse gun rights group must be put out of business for good. The NRA diverted millions and millions of dollars away from its charitable mission for personal use by senior leadership. We are seeking an order to dissolve the NRA in its entirety.

NRA CEO Wayne Lapierre stands accused in Thursday’s filings of misusing NRA charitable donations to support a lavish lifestyle including numerous private jet flights for himself and his family. Membership fees at golf clubs. And a half million dollars worth of vacations in the Bahamas.

Three other current and former executives of the NRA were also named in the suit. The NRA is out with a blistering statement, calling her lawsuit a premeditated attack on our organization and the second amendment. Wayne Lapierre saying, ‘we’re ready for the fight, bring it .

ABC’s Terry Moran reports.

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