Tropical Storm Beta makes landfall in Texas bringing dangerous flash flooding: Latest path

TEXAS (ABC News) – Tropical Storm Beta, which made landfall in Texas Monday night, is bringing pounding rain and flash flooding to Houston — and more rain is expected for the city.

A flash flood watch has been issued from Victoria, Texas, to New Orleans.

At least 20 water rescues have been reported in Houston and cars have been spotted trapped in floodwaters.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is urging people to stay home.

Over the next 24 hours, Beta is expected to move incredibly slowly.

By Wednesday morning, the center of the storm will only near Houston — which means a lot more rain is expected for eastern Texas, possibly reaching 22 inches in some areas. About 1 foot of rain has fallen so far in some spots.

Heavy rain is also expected in Louisiana, where some areas could see 6 inches of rain.

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