Plot to kidnap Michigan Governor thickens as new details emerge

The FBI says Michigan's Governor was not the only target of the alleged kidnapping plot

(ABC News) — We’re learning more about the people suspected in a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Tuesday five out of the 13 men who were arrested faced a judge in federal court today where an F.B.I. agent revealed the group also targeted Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.
prosecutors say the group’s was upset over Whitmer’s COVID-19 restrictions and say they mentioned kidnapping Northam for the same reason.

Authorities claim the men are affiliated with the group known as Wolverine Watchmen and were ready with guns and explosives.
both governors blames the Trump administration for inspiring violent extremists.

ABC News has learned authorities have been going through documents, computers and any smart phones they can access to determine if there are other co-conspirators.

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