Consumer News: Hyundai recalling electric vehicles, Pepsi is getting in the cocktail game and more!

CNN– Hyundai is issuing a global recall of 82,000 electric cars after reports of car fires from batteries. No one was hurt in any of the fires, and none of the fires took place in the United States. The recall is one of the most expensive in history because the entire battery on the electric car will have to be replaced. The recall will cost Hyundai about $900 million.

If your Roomba is acting up, it could be from a new software update. Some users have recently complained their vacuums repeatedly bump against a wall, get stuck in empty spaces or don’t return to their charging station. Now, Roomba’s maker, iRobot, says the software update is to blame in their i7 and s9 models. They say their next update should fix the problem, but it may take several weeks to roll it out.

PepsiCo apparently feels a little left out and wants to be part of your at-home cocktail experience. The soda company has launched a new line of cocktail mixers, called Neon Zebra. The drinks feature four flavors in a can, but are non-alcoholic. You’ll have to bring your own alcohol to make a margarita, daiquiri, mojito or whisky sour. The cans are sold in six packs for around $8. Neon Zebra is expected to hit stores in March.

ABC NEWS– Turning now to the re-brand of a classic children’s toy. Mr. Potato Head is going gender neutral, now just called “Potato Head.” The decision is getting huge reactions online. ABC’s Deborah Roberts has more.

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