Consumer News: Home equity value shoots up, TSA asking some office workers to help at checkpoints and more!

CNN– It’s a great time to be a homeowner, with a rise in home equity value of nearly $2 trillion over the last year. That translates into an average gain of more than $33,000 per borrower in their home equity, or an increase of nearly 20%. CoreLogic, which keeps track of the numbers, reports the record-low supply of homes has led to record home prices that are driving this trend.

Because of a surge in summer travelers at U.S. airports, the TSA is putting office workers on security duty. This kind of request is usually only made during busy travel periods, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the past, airports and airlines have also offered their employees to help with non-security roles at checkpoints, such as managing lines and organizing conveyor belt bins. Officials say TSA has hired more than 3,000 Transportation Security Officers so far this year.

ABC NEWS– From the grocery store to the gas pumps, chances are you’re feeling the pinch in your wallet. Consumer prices are up 5% last month from a year ago, the biggest jump since the 2008 recession. ABC’s Morgan Norwood tells us where the trend is headed and how you can save.

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