Consumer News: Spirit Airlines passengers face more delays and cancellations, minivans selling above sticker price and more!

CNN– We are just three days away from Tax Free Weekend! On Friday, the South Carolina Department of Revenue’s annual sales tax holiday weekend starts. It will run through Sunday, August 8. You can buy eligible items without paying the state’s 6% sales tax. You can purchase clothing, school supplies and even computers. Items like smartphones, jewelry and furniture are not tax free. The Department of Revenue says South Carolina shoppers bought more than $18 million in tax free items during last year’s Tax Free Weekend.

For the third day in a row, Spirit Airlines is facing some big problems. The low-cost carrier has canceled or delayed nearly 300 flights. Aviation tracking website FlightAware says that’s 40% of Spirit’s schedule. Spirit says the issues stem from weather and operational challenges. It’s unclear when operations are scheduled to return to normal.

A vehicle that has been deemed only for parents is now filling driveways. The minivan is experiencing a major comeback. According to a report, minivans sold for 8% above the sticker price last month. For comparison, cars, trucks and SUVs all sold at sticker price during that same period. Many consumers say the minivan’s cargo and passenger space, as well as sliding doors, make them attractive.

ABC NEWS– We may be months away from Christmas, but it might be time to start thinking about those gifts. With so many recent supply chain issues, toys are already getting stuck overseas, causing another price hike. ABC’s Becky Worley has more about the pre-Christmas scaries.

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