Consumer News: Midlands gas prices down, Virgin Galactic re-opens ticket sales to the edge of space and more!

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– If your weekend plans include filling up your tanks for that last summer road trip, prices at the pump are down. Right now, drivers in the Midlands are paying an average of $2.81 a gallon. That’s down 2 cents in the past week, but about 5 cents higher than a month ago, according to GasBuddy. Last year, Columbia drivers were filling up their tanks for just $1.86 a gallon. The cheapest gas in Columbia is priced at $2.64 a gallon, while the most expensive is $3.07. Nationwide, the average price per gallon stands at $3.16.

CNN– Virgin Galactic is re-opening ticket sales for flights to the edge of space. That is if you’ve got an extra $450,000 lying around. The company says it’s beginning commercial operations in 2022 and there are six seats on each hour long flight. You might already be too late, because more than 600 people are already on the waiting list for the trip and those on the wait list bought tickets nearly a decade ago.

ABC NEWS– Spirit Airlines cancelled more than 50% of its flights Friday, after cancelling hundreds of flights every day this week and stranding passengers. Now, the company’s CEO is speaking about why this is happening and how long it will go on. ABC’s Trevor Ault has the latest.

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