Consumer News: New I-Phones on sale, flight attendants fight back against unruly passengers

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(ABC News) — If you are a I-Phone fan and you’ve been waiting for the latest device to hit the shelves, you’re wait is over. Apple began selling the newest version of the I-Phone Friday, so many people anticipating its release that

pre-orders are already rolling out.

Apple says the new phones are not designed that much different from the previous 12th version, but according to the company what is lacks in its looks it more than makes up for with better camera quality, longer battery time, and processing that is about the same price.

There are four different versions for you to choose from including the 13 Mini, the 13, the 13 PRO and the 13 Pro Max.

Meanwhile, there is not such great news for flight attendants who are now trying to take matters in their own hands to fight back against some of the violence that has been taking place in what are suppose to be the friendly skies. The TSA estimates that billions of people will pass through their terminals this holiday season. This at a time when the administration says they have the highest number of unruly passengers ever recorded.

ABC’s Andrea Fuijii explains what’s now being done.

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