Consumer News: Home prices continue to rise, Southwest looking to get flights back on schedule

CNN– Some bad news tonight for potential home buyers in the state, house prices are rising again. In the past year, South Carolina homes are up more than 11%, for an average of roughly $220,000 for a single-family home. Nationwide, the average price for a single-family home increased by nearly 13%. Between record low interest rates and pandemic related shifts, the country now faces a housing crisis that can be summed up by increased demand and low inventory.

ABC NEWS– More air travel problems plaguing Southwest after a difficult holiday weekend. Thousands of flights have been cancelled, but not for the first time this year, and possibly not the last either. ABC’s Gio Benitez tells us why this is happening and just how long it could last.

Southwest canceled more than 360 flights on Monday, which is about 10% of its entire flight schedule. It also delayed nearly 40% of the flights it planned to operate. The airline is offering the would-be passengers whose flights were canceled a “tremendous apology” and hopes to restore its full schedule as soon as possible.

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