Consumer News: Holiday shopping tips, ‘Squid Game’ gives Netflix a boost and more!

CNN– The trucking industry says its already serious labor shortage is getting even worse this month. The American Trucking Association reports the industry is down roughly 80,000 drivers. That’s an all-time record high. The industry was already short more than 60,000 drivers before the pandemic. Analysts say the driver shortage is contributing to the huge backlog at U.S. ports and supply chain slowdowns impacting holiday shopping.

ABC NEWS– It may not even be Halloween yet but yes, we’re talking about holiday shopping already. Experts say now is the time to get started if you want to get the best gifts at the best prices. ABC’s Reena Roy has the details.

CNN– If you’ve been on nearly any social media platform in the past month, you’ve probably either heard of or watched ‘Squid Game’ already. You’re not alone. Netflix says the new show series added nearly 4.5 million subscribers in the third quarter of 2021. The streaming service now has 213 million subscribers globally, and ‘Squid Game’ has already been viewed by 111 million accounts, making it the biggest ever series launch on Netflix.

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