Biden gets clean bill of health during first physical as President

President Biden got a colonoscopy on the eve of his 79th birthday
Biden Thumbs Up

Image: Michael Reynolds, Pool via CNP via Polaris

Image: Michael Reynolds, Pool via CNP via Polaris

(ABC News) —It was a question that plagued Joe Biden’s presidential campaign: Could a 77-year-old man — who at age 78 would be the oldest person ever to assume the presidency — handle the rigors of the job?

Candidate Biden acknowledged it was legitimate for Americans to question his fitness for office.

“The only thing I can say is watch. Watch! Check my energy level, determine whether I know what I’m talking about,” he told voters during the 2020 campaign.

Now, on Friday, nearly a year into his term, Biden has gotten his first physical as president at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

It came the day before he turns 79.

After about five hours inside, Biden walked out giving two thumbs up.

“I’m doing great!” Biden told ABC News Correspondent Karen Travers, when asked how he was feeling. “I’ve had a great physical and a great House of Representatives vote. Good day,” Biden said, referring to House Democrats passing his “Build Back Better” plan earlier in the day.

Shortly before he arrived, the White House revealed that for some of the exam he would be under anesthesia and would briefly transfer power to Vice President Kamala Harris.

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