FDA warns of phony COVID at home tests

Fda VaccineColumbia, SC (WOLO) — The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is sending out a warning about fake over the counter at home COVID -19 tests. According to the agency the diagnostic tests were dispensed  throughout the country. While they look like the real thing, they are not approved for use, and according to the administration pose a risk to public health.

FDA officials say the fake tests are not authorized for use and could give someone an inaccurate result causing them to accidentally expose others to COVID if they are indeed infected but don’t know it.

The agency says they are aware of two types of tests that are being fraudulently being sold that you should be on the look out for. The FDA says both the iHeath COVID at Home Antigen Test Kits, and Flowflex COVID Test Kits have been identified as counterfeit and should not be used.

Officials say the fake tests labels and packaging can make it hard to decipher if the test you have is authentic or not. Below is a list of red flags the FDA says you should look for that may help you better locate a test that is not real.

  • Poor print quality of images or text on the outside box label or in the instructions for use included in the box.
  • Missing information on the outside box label for the product, such as the lot number, expiration date or barcode or QR codes.
  • Grammatical or spelling errors in product labeling.
  • Kit components that do not match the content description. For example, missing instructions for use, missing or unfilled components, different number of components than listed.
  • The tradename for product printed on component or box labels differ from the authorized labeling found on the FDA website.
  • The box label or printed instructions for use look different from the authorized labeling found on the FDA website.

The FDA has a list of authorized at-home OTC COVID-19 tests you can see by clicking here. 


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