Former President Trump surrenders to Fulton Co. jail

Trump Mug

Image: Kaitlin Collins (CNN) Mug shot of former president Donald J. Trump from his booking process at the Fulton Co. Jail August 24, 2023

Image: Kaitlin Collins (CNN)

Atlanta, GA (WOLO) — For the first time in American history, a former president has surrendered to Jail for his arrest. Donald J. Trump who turned himself in Thursday night is now officially inmate number PO-1135809.

Donald J. Trump has arrived at the jail by motorcade around 7:37 pm Thursday turning himself in at the Fulton County Jail on charges he tried to steal the 2020 election, the fourth criminal case against him as continues to campaign to become president next year.

Trump is one of 19 defendants in the indictment that alleges racketeering by a criminal organization that tried to overturn the election results. Local authorities said Trump would be treated like any other defendant. The process included Trump being fingerprinted and having a mug shot taken, a procedure that took less than 20 minutes.  Court documents describing the former president at 6″3, 215 pounds, with Blonde, Strawberry hair. Shortly after being booked, Trump was escorted back to his waiting suburban to head back to his plane.

The Fulton County Magistrate has released the details of Trump’s Bond which is why he has been able to leave the jail at this time. According to the Consent Order obtained by ABC Columbia News the former President was granted a $200,000 bond. We have link to the consent order where the amount of money he may have to pay for each charge, as well as the list of bond stipulations.

Some of those requirements that have been given including not being able to threaten, intimidate, or have any direct or indirect contact with any of the victims, or any of his co-defendants named in the 41 count indictment. The requirements for his bond go as far as prohibiting the former president from  making comments about the case on social media or reposting a comment about the case made by someone else. We have the full Consent Order HERE.

The former Commander in Chief took to social media posting his mug shot saying in part,

“Today at the notoriously violent Fulton County, Georgia, Jail I was arrested despite having committed no crime….” I will never surrender our mission to save America.”

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