Andrea Constand

Judge Rules Cosby Accuser Will Not Have to Testify Before Trial

A woman accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault will not have to testify at a preliminary hearing before trial, a judge ruled Thursday, a move blasted by the comedian’s legal team. Cosby’s lawyers wanted to cross-examine accuser Andrea Constand because they said her statements about the alleged 2004 incident –- made 11 years ago — raised questions about the case….

Bill Cosby Again Seeks to Have Indecent Assault Charge Dismissed

Attorneys for Bill Cosby today filed a new petition seeking dismissal of the Pennsylvania criminal case against him. In new paperwork obtained by ABC News, the comedian’s legal team asserted that the preliminary hearing last month “violated Mr. Cosby’s confrontation and due process rights” under the U.S. and Pennsylvania constitutions. At the heart of the new motion is Montgomery County…