COMET implements additional safety measures to combat the spread of COVID-19

In monitoring COVID-19, The COMET is striving to exhaust all measures to keep passengers safe. Understanding the potential challenges that the community may face in the coming weeks, we continue to encourage all riders to limit travel to only that which is essential. As we attempt to be of service to our community, and recognizing the importance of social distancing, we have also taken stronger steps to direct our passengers to observe a safe distance while riding.

One of the largest single-site jails in the US grapples with 134 coronavirus cases

The cases of COVID-19 skyrocketed over the weekend at the Cook County Jail.

The number of detainees testing positive for coronavirus at the Cook County Jail in Chicago skyrocketed over the weekend, leaving Sheriff Tom Dart grabbling with a dilemma that runs against the very grain of a veteran lawman and former prosecutor: whether to free alleged criminals instead of keeping them locked up.

Coronavirus test can provide results in 5 minutes

The new test will be available at urgent care clinics and doctors offices

A new novel coronavirus test may make diagnosing COVID-19 as easy as the flu. The new point-of-care test, having just received an emergency-use authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), will be able to deliver results in as little as five minutes, according to the manufacturer.