Dramatic Video Shows Deadly Hostage Standoff in Texas

(ABC News) — A tense standoff between police and an armed robber turned into a hostage situation in Texas. Police in the Dallas suburb of Irving received a call from the alarm system at a check-cashing store on Friday, Jan. 29. When police arrived shortly after 1 p.m., officers found the front door of Cash Store locked. At least one…

Inside Texas Doctor’s Plot to Kill Rival Doctor in Love Triangle

1/9Dr. Joseph Sonnier Dr. Joseph Sonnier was a respected and wealthy pathologist living in Lubbock, Texas. Show Caption Hide Caption 2/9Dr. Joseph Sonnier’s Sister Missy Bartlett, Dr. Joseph Sonnier’s sister, said she didn’t think her brother would have gotten married again after his divorce. Show Caption Hide Caption 3/9Richelle Shetina Richelle Shetina met Joseph Sonnier at a ballroom dance class….