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Record Flooding From Hurricane Matthew

Although here in the Midlands the flooding was nothing like what we saw last October, some parts of North Carolina saw all-time records broken.

Hurricane Matthew Now a Category 1 Storm

Hurricane Matthew is now (8AM Saturday) a Category 1 storm located just along the coast of Charleston. It will continue to move along the coast toward Myrtle Beach this afternoon, continuing to bring lots of flooding and power outages near…

Hurricane Matthew Update

Hurricane Matthew is still on track to hug the South Carolina Coast all day Saturday. That means major impacts near the coast as well as significant impacts inland. Here in the Midlands, expect up to 5-10 inches of rain near…

Hurricane Matthew Update

Hurricane Matthew Update: I wish I had better news, but unfortunately the news is not good. We were hoping that Matthew would track farther out to sea, but indications are that it will hug the coast. That means higher storm…

Hurricane Matthew Update

The forecast for Hurricane Matthew remains largely unchanged. We'll see rain starting on Friday with the most intense rain and wind developing late Friday night into early Saturday. Expect up to 6 inches of rain in the Eastern Midlands -…

Hurricane Matthew Update

The latest forecast on Hurricane Matthew has remained largely unchanged. We're still looking at a hurricane skirting the South Carolina Coast. The impact will start to be felt late Friday night in Hilton Head and spread north throughout the day…

Hurricane Matthew Update

The latest forecast still brings Hurricane Matthew along the South Carolina coast on Saturday. It's important to know that this is the best estimate, given what we know right now. On this track the coast would take the most significant…

Hurricane Matthew Update

Hurricane Matthew is still a very powerful Category 4 Hurricane. It's expected to continue to move north over the next several days. On its current path, it's expected to be somewhere near the South Carolina Coast on Saturday. Please stay…

SC Emergency Officials Prepare for Matthew

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Officials in four South Carolina counties say they're on alert status as the state prepares for Hurricane Matthew, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in recent history and one that could affect the East Coast.…

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is now a very powerful Category 5 Hurricane with winds of 160 mph. It's expected to push to the north over the next several days. A lot of folks have asked if this storm will hit us here…

Tropical Storm Matthew

Tropical Storm Matthew has formed. Over the next few days it's expected to move through the Caribbean and strengthen into a hurricane. By early next week, it's expected to be somewhere south of Cuba, but where it goes after that…

First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall, or the autumnal equinox. On this day, the sun's rays shine directly over the equator and every place on the earth gets the same amount (hours and minutes) of daylight and darkness.

Tropical Storm Julia Update

Julia is still Tropical Storm, but weakening and slowly drifting farther out to sea. And Julia is expected to continue wobbling in the same general area for the next several days. That means the here in the Midlands we'll have…

Tropical Storm Julia Update

Tropical Storm Julia is now expected to drift more out to sea and have smaller impacts both here and at the coast. So expect a few scattered showers in the Midlands with more widespread ran at the beaches through Friday.

New Tropical Storm

A circulation just south of Jacksonville Florida has become Tropical Storm Julia. The Hurricane Center has issued the following forecast, which has the storm dying out by Thursday night over Georgia. There is a lot of uncertainty with this storm.…

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