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Renewable Energy Overtakes Fossil Fuel in UK

You might think that renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.) will never make a difference. Think again. In 2010, the use of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, etc.) were used 10 times more than renewable energy to create electricity in the…

Subtropical Storm Melissa Forms

A subtropical storm formed off the the coast of New England. So what's a subtropical storm? It's a storm that has characteristics of a tropical storm or hurricane, as well as having characteristics of a typical winter storm. So it's…

NASA Launches Satellite From a Plane

NASA launched a satellite tonight that will explore space weather. One interesting aspect of this one is how the satellite was launched. Instead of a rocket from the ground, the rocket was attached to the bottom of a plane. This…

Fair Forecast: John Farley live on the midway

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)-- We're hitting the midway with ABC Columbia Chief Meteorologist John Farley. Here's a look at Farley's Fair Forecast: nice, pleasant conditions for the State Fair. We'll see temperatures in the high…

Temperatures are Getting Hotter

As the planet warms, so does the United States. This graph shows the percentage of record highs vs. record lows for each decade since the 1920's. A dramatic shift is clearly seen starting in the 1980's.

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