Questions Looming over Possible Ransom

(WOLO) COLUMBIA,S.C., — Senator Brad Hutto (D, Orangburg) says he thinks South Carolina tax payers are entitled to answers but that’s not what he’s getting. Hutto says he sent a letter to Governor Nikki Haley asking for an immediate response concerning allegations she paid off hackers to recover millions of stolen information. Hutto says the Governor is refusing to answer the question and has instead referred questions to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. Officials there also refusing to comment on a ” ongoing criminal investigation.” Hutto says, lawmakers are trying to figure out if it is still necessary to pay 25 million dollars to extend the fraud notification system by one year. Hutto says, if the Governor did pay off hackers to buy back that information, extending the contract is a waste of money that could be going towards schools, roads and new buses. While some lawmakers are pushing to pass the extension as a precautionary measure, Hutto says he has proposed a bill to use the money elsewhere. “if the identity was taken and purchased back, then thank goodness. I understand why someone may not want to answer this question back in October when the investigation was fresh, but we are 8 months in now.”

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