S. Carolina senators hear testimony on COVID-19 treatments

As South Carolina continues to grapple with thousands of new coronavirus cases that have burdened hospitals and disrupted schools, the panel of lawmakers that oversees medical issues is gathering testimony from people who want greater access to unproven alternative COVID-19 treatments not currently recommended by public health officials.

Lawsuits: Murdaugh used attorney friend to manipulate

A South Carolina lawyer charged with trying to arrange his own death steered the family of a housekeeper who died in his home to use a longtime friend as their attorney without revealing their friendship and then tried to take a $4 million settlement, according to the family’s lawyer. Alex Murdaugh also tried to convince a friend of his son to use the same lawyer again without revealing their friendship as investigators tried to sort out who was driving a boat in a 2019 fatal crash, according to a lawsuit filed this week.


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